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And the best part is, this is connect-the-dots easy. If you follow the simple steps I lay out for you, you'll be seeing a different, gorgeous girl every night of the week, sampling all of life's pleasures in no time at all - and if you end up finding that "perfect one" to settle down with, that's fine, but it won't be for lack of choice...

Take everything you thought you knew about meeting women and throw it in the trash.

Enough with the old way of doing things, where you head out to the bar or club, only to compete with hundreds of guys for scraps, while the three or four hot girls in the damn hang out with the rich guy who looks like Brad Pitt.

Long gone are the days of nervously making small talk with a girl and then subtlety - or not so subtlety - trying to shift gears to convince her to sleep with you. And you can say goodbye to nervousness about approaching, fear of rejection, and that gut feeling of "ugghhhh I don't know what to say next".

Because it's time to bury all of that and go in a whole new direction...
When You Find Yourself With A Different Gorgeous Girl Each Night, You'll Literally Think It's Magic... 
But It's Not...

Hi. I'm Race, and until 2008 I was "unknown" in the online dating community. Nobody but a few friends of mine knew who I was or what I had done.

And even though I'd been living in the Las Vegas equivalent of the Playboy Mansion, meeting over 30 women a month, I pretty much kept my conquests (and my tactics) to myself.


Well, think about it. If you stumbled upon a method for meeting up to 30 high quality women a month... something that worked so absurdly well that you could actually date 5 to 6 different women a week... would you spend your free time hanging around on internet chat boards... or would you spend your time with your girls? 


You see, I never really wanted to tell anyone that I'd "figured things out." So I kept my mouth shut, continued to experience things that 99.9% of the male population couldn't even fathom, and I went about my life this way, for months. The only one who knew was my room mate Kelly, because he was the guy who actually taught it to me.

But after awhile our exploits started getting too crazy not to share, so our buddies finally convinced us to put it all up on a blog.

And after it caught on like wildfire, not a day went by when I wasn't getting hammered with emails from guys who wanted to learn it.

They wanted to know what secrets we were keeping to ourselves.

They wanted to know how do we have the power to create...

Effortless Attraction... At the Click of a Button
But Before We Go Any Further, We
Need To Get One Thing Clear:
If you told me a few years ago that I'd be meeting hundreds of women a year over the internet, I'd tell you to check yourself in at the nearest loony bin. Heck, if you told me I'd be meeting any women online, I'd call you crazy.

And that's exactly what I told Kelly.
He told me he was meeting all his girls on Facebook... 

I told him he was crazy.

But as the weeks went by and his crazy stories piled up a mile high, one thing became clear: whatever he was doing was working

And it was working ridiculously well.

For me, I considered myself lucky if I ended up with 2 or 3 girls in a month. For him, that was child's play.

He was in a chick rock cover band, and for a long time, I attributed his success with women to his Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls covers... 

But I soon noticed that there were 20-30 new women in the audience at every show. So one night, over pasta and marinara sauce, I asked him if I needed to take up guitar to get the same results.

He flashed his trademark smile, and began to tell me about his method for meeting women on facebook and Myspace. And I was skeptical as hell.

Sure, the promise of unlimited access to gorgeous women seemed appealing, but for me, the idea of meeting girls on the Internet was just... a little bit off...
But Then He Shared Something With Me That Changed My Life Forever...
Here's the old way of picking up girls: You put on your lucky shirt and went out to the club... 

You walk in the door and go straight to the bar and grab a drink and build up some confidence... 

You glance around the room to see if there are any "hot ones" worth the effort. And you realize that in the extremely rare case that the perfect girl for you is there... 
which of course is one in a million... 

The chances of you "breaking the ice" and then somehow getting her to sleep with you are slim to none... 

So two or three hours later and three or four drinks later, you head home empty handed and $50 in the hole.

This is the "tried and true" formula for meeting women. 

It's remarkably ineffective. 

And improving your confidence doesn't help because when you do it this way, you are relying on little more than dumb luck. Instead you should be using a method that...
Puts You In Complete Control!
While the other guys scurry around the bars and clubs, laying out cash for covers and drinks desperately hoping to find a girl to talk to... 

You relax at home on the sofa, enjoying a glass of wine and a DVD with a gorgeous woman who fits your exact specifications. Maybe you're doing something else, who knows? The choice is yours...

These days, it's about getting what you want, when you want it. While the other guys are forced to settle for whatever women life randomly throws their way (if any at all)... you are dating and sleeping with exactly the type of girls that you want to.

Maybe you want a 5'4" brunette with big breasts, brown eyes, hourglass curves and a quirky sense of humor.

Or it might be a southern-bell with blue eyes and a real deep caring for her family and love for puppies.

I could go on for 50 pages explaining all the possibilities, but I'm not going to waste your precious time, especially now that you're one of the select few that has discovered this secret method... 

Because from now on, every second of your life is a bit more precious; it's a second that can be spent with a beautiful woman. 

Not one that you've settled for like the rest of the guys out there.

But listen, the idea of having so much choice with women might be a bit overwhelming. 

Don't worry - you can use this method to get 1 girl a year... 1 girl a month... 1 girl a week... 1 girl a night... or 1 girl an hour.

Whatever you want. It's really up to you.

What's important is that...
The Women You Want Are
No Longer Untouchable
You know those hot, Ice queens you see out at the bars and clubs?

The ones that EVERY guy is staring at, but you just KNOW that if you approach them you're going to get shot down because they've got their "shield" up so high that there's no way you could ever get past it, around it, or through it?

Well there's something you need to know

If you catch them without that shield up, they're some of the coolest, most down to earth girls you'll ever meet.

And that's where my system works its magic.

Let me explain...

You see, the whole "Cold Rude Standoffish thing" - it's not really her fault; she's getting approached by hundreds of lame-o's every night and she needs some way to put a stop to it. So she acts that way so that she can just enjoy her night in peace.

Totally Understandable

But when she's sitting at home at her computer and she's in her tank top and boy shorts...

When she lets down her hair... 

she's let down her defenses too...

She's just twirling her fingers through that hair wondering why Mr. Perfect isn't in her life yet...
Then Boom! You Come To Her Rescue And Make Your First Move!
At that second, your message pops into her inbox - one of hundreds of messages that's been systematically tested, tweaked and refined over the course of thousands of women.

Every possible contingency has been handled and every possible factor has been accounted for. And it's been tested on every type of woman imaginable.

What you're getting with The Click Button System is a system that draws from cutting edge research in social dynamics and employs a unique combination of...

1.. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
2.. Advanced Evolutionary Psychology
3.. And Cutting Edge Research In The Science of Emotional Experience
... to generate instant attraction from the moment she receives your first message.

Sure, it sounds complicated... and it was... for us to develop this. 

Far too much work, learning and tweaking for anyone else to be able to figure out "casually" or "by accident"...

BUT... and this is very important... 
I've taken all the work, all the mystery, all the learning curve, and all the chance out of this. I've made it slam-dunk easy for you.
Here's How It Works..
Traditional seduction psychology holds that women are attracted to "alpha males" of their species. 

So you're told to "demonstrate high value," and be "cocky/funny."

And this isn't bad advice... but it's just not enough.

Because women have incredibly strong perceptive filters, and while you're trying to "fake it till you make it," she knows that you're not Brad Pitt, Derek Jeter, or some Wall Street badass. 

In fact, try to be too "cool" or alpha, and it will actively work against you.

Few of history's great seducers were "alpha males." From Lord Byron, to Casanova, to Johnny Depp's character in Don Juan DeMarco, their true power came from their ability to create compelling emotional experiences for the women in their lives...

While other men were out working in the factories, attending to politics, and getting caught up in their day to day lives (and dragging their women along with them), these masterful ladies' men were able to take women to incredible, exotic, romantic escapes from the tedium of their lives... with nothing more than their words... all by captivating their emotions.

And over the course of thousands of interactions, I've had a chance to not just experience, but to analyze - line by line - exactly what was working and what wasn't.
And This Is Good News For You...
Because you can EASILY follow the emotional sequence I'm about to explain... 

A sequence that I hand to you, so that all you have to do is "copy and paste" (and of course, I'll help you learn how to create your own).

I wonder if you are beginning to see how powerful this really is.

Because this means that from the comfort of your computer chair, you can systematically attract and seduce some of the world's most beautiful women. So that...
Attraction Is Taken Care Of... Before
She Even Meets You
And you're going to know the feeling of having your very own personal bottle of love potion #9.

Because that's the way its going to be when you use the secret sequence of private messages defined in Click Button Dating, which utilize the most powerful attraction material ever developed to position yourself in her mind as a man she has to meet. Because suddenly...

The same girl that was shooting guys down left and right at the club last night is dying to meet you...

And Now, You've Got Her... Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand

And you're equipped with an arsenal of pre-scripted lines, techniques and back-pocket secrets designed to make getting her number as easy as "cut and paste."

Now the hard part is done with and you just follow the simple guide I've laid out for you to get her phone number, arrange the meet up, and then close the deal.

Because when she shows up at your place, she's dying to meet you, and wondering if you are going to approve of her.

And this is why The Click Button Method is so effective, and so mind-blowing.

What you've done is... You've Flipped the Script.

And now you are the one in total control.

This means...

No more nervously wondering if she likes you while you fumble for the kiss, hoping not to get rejected. Because she's showing up to your door with crazy attraction and all you've got to do is follow the simple steps and she's yours.

I'm not gonna lie... the first time I registered for PlentyOfFish.com - an actual "online dating site" - I had some trepidation. Because like most men, I thought that true online dating was for losers.

But some of my clients were asking me to coach them on sites that weren't facebook or MySpace, so I gave it a try.


When you know how to play the game right, when you're one of the "top dogs" on an online dating site, you literally get to hand-pick the hottest girls.

And if you prefer hipsters or goth chicks or preppies, well, they're hanging out online too. 20,000 new members join Plenty of Fish per day. 

I just checked OKCupid - over 40,000 people are online at this moment. 

You probably already know about how big Match.com, eHarmony, and many of the other online dating sites are. Attractive women are flocking to these sites in droves.
So why do I love dedicated online dating sites so much?
  • Your competition is pretty weak. Most guys (are you one of them?) have boring profiles, lousy photos, and their opener goes    something like "what's up, you look hot, holla back." It doesn't take much to stand out, and the contrast between these guys, and a cool guy, is striking to the women receiving the messages.
  •  These girls are, shall we say... sexually liberated. If that's your thing too, you should probably know that 1 in 3 women who meet a guy online have sex on their first date. Don't believe me? Just Google "online dating statistics" and look at the Huffington Post article (it should be one of the first ones).
  • If you're looking to settle down and find a wifey, the stats are in your favor, too. The average time from meeting to marriage is 18 months - less than half that of the 42 months it takes couples who meet in the real world to get hitched.
Did I mention that these women are dying to meet a cool guy? 

You can easily meet ten new women in two days... who are all super-engaged, who've read about you and are interested in getting to know you better. How are you going to get more efficient than that?
I've done all the work for you.

I've spent four long years in the trenches, experimenting with thousands of approaches for meeting women online and helping hundreds of guys through 1-on-1 coaching transform themselves into guys who can get any girl they want at any time they want with the click of a button.

And now, with your permission, I'm going to take you by the hand and show you the entire system.

Window Shopping For Women is a five-part online course where you'll get instant access to the whole system. 

I'm handing over our my "toolbox" of techniques and step-by-step blueprints that I use to get women from the net, into my life, at a rate that has "normal guys" shaking their heads.
It All follows My 5 Part System...
I've done all the work for you.

I've spent four long years in the trenches, experimenting with thousands of approaches for meeting women online and helping hundreds of guys through 1-on-1 coaching transform themselves into guys who can get any girl they want at any time they want with the click of a button.

And now, with your permission, I'm going to take you by the hand and show you the entire system.

Window Shopping For Women is a five-part online course where you'll get instant access to the whole system. 

I'm handing over our my "toolbox" of techniques and step-by-step blueprints that I use to get women from the net, into my life, at a rate that has "normal guys" shaking their heads.
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